2016 me and my friends did molly which i licked out of the palm of my own hand like a animal at a petting zoo. nothing really notable happened but it was nice to have friends and be kind of high unlike last year. a band played which was fun even though they were from the school so there is always a kind of guilt in not already knowing people. later that year at drag ball more high this time i was waiting for a friend to get out of the bathroom and had a conversation with a girl and realized afterwards that she was kind of hitting on me. it was scary to think that even though i had failed to come out when i got to school there was something about me which made people realize i wasnt straight but also exciting to think that a girl could be attracted to me and to have someone show that in a way that wasnt threatening or deeply confusing. nothing else notable happened that year except things got slightly worse and by the next summer i had already decided to leave.

i wasnt sure what was happening out in queens. i think they had another party. it was getting hard to keep track of everything happening so far away.